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Thomas Scarrow Senior, Carlisle Innkeeper

Thomas was born in 1756 in Wetheral, although, to date, his christening has not yet been found. His father was Thomas Scarrow of Scotby, Wetheral. He had a younger brother, John and an older sister Mary. Thomas married Jane Ross on the 24th May 1784 at St. Mary's, Carlisle. Thomas and Jane had three children, Thomas, John and Jane.

White Hart Hotel for Sale, Carlisle 1795 occupied by Thomas ScarrowThomas's initial occupation was that of a yeoman, and it would appear that for some time he was living in Cockermouth. He later became an innkeeper in Carlisle and was the proprietor of the White Hart Hotel for at least 20 years - between 1795 and 1814. These dates are based on the earliest (3 Mar 1795) and latest (19 Mar 1814) advertisements found in the Cumberland Pacquet and Carlisle Journal respectively. In all likelihood, he was also proprietor of the White Hart Hotel outside these years. The Cumberland Pacquet advert, detailing the sale of the White Hart, implies that Thomas was a tenant and not the owner.

The engraving below shows the White Hart Hotel and adjoining Royal Hotel. They were located on the eastern side of English Street, no 18. The hotel had 20 bedrooms and was demolished in 1874.

White Hart Hotel, Carlisle, circa 1830

The adverts below both date to 1803. The Carlisle Journal only started printing in 1800, and the issues 1800-1802 have not all been preserved.

  Advert White Hart Hotel Carlisle   Advert White Hart Hotel CarlisleIt looks like someone had a few too many and left their coat in the pub. There was no indication as to whether the coat was found - the threat of prosecution would probably have led to its return.  
  The advert to the right dates to 1805. It seems it was common practice to sell ones wares in the Public Houses of the day. In this case, Isaac Saul of Caldbeck, would appear to be offering to spin wool within the White Hart, having changed location from the Grey Goat.   Advert White Hart Hotel Carlisle  
  Advert White Hart Hotel Carlisle  

The advert to the left dates to 1810. This time it is William Marsden who is making himself available at the White Hart to answer enquiries about his steam looms - no doubt while having the odd beer or two. Not much different from today really...

Mr Marsden's workshop was located at the Old Printfield, Damside, Carlisle. It contained several machines for weaving cotton and linen, and also for dressing and warping.



Thomas Scarrow Licence 1812 White Hart HotelThe image to the right shows a copy of the licence issued to Thomas Scarrow in September 1812. Ann Johnson, owner of the Kings Head Inn at the head of Fisher Street, gave surety for Thomas's alehouse. It reads that both the licencee and secondee promise to pay the sum of £10 each if there is a breach of conditions. Ale-house licences were valid for one year and would also be declared null and void if there was any such infringement of the terms.

Within the same batch of licences for 1812 (held at Carlisle Record Office), both Thomas Scarrow and Ann Johnson also gave surety for Joseph Graham's alehouse in Scotch Street.

Interestingly, the monarch at the time was George III, in the 52nd year of his reign.


Thomas died on the 24th April 1824 in Carlisle age 72??. He was buried in Wetheral.