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John Scarrow, Carlisle Spirit Merchant 1789-1840

John Scarrow was born on 26th July 1789 in Scotby, Wetheral. His father was Thomas (Senior) Scarrow of Foodell Crook, Wetheral. He had an older brother, Thomas (Junior) and a sister Jane.

John went into business with his brother Thomas Jnr and the first of several businesses to be mentioned in the directories of the time, was T and J & Co Spirit Merchant in English Street, Carlisle. This business was referred to in 1810, 1811 and 1822. A second business, jointly run with Thomas again, was T and J & Co. Bleachers of Harraby, just to the south east of Carlisle. This was mentioned once in 1811 in the Jollies guide to Cumberland (below) but not since.

We pass through the small village of Carlton, and view Woodbank a little to the left, where is an extensive printfield under the firm of Mounsey, Lowry and Co. Towards the right, are the villages of Coathill and Cumwhinton; and Durnhill-house, conspicuously situated, the improving seat of Richard Lowry, Esq.; and in the opposite direction, the village of Upperby. Before crossing the Peterill, the bleaching ground of Messrs. Scarrow, Baker, & Co. is discerned to the left, lately occupied by Messrs. Lamb, Scott, Waldie and Co. To the right are Scotby and Botcherby. On crossing Harraby-bridge, the first object which attracts our attention is the cotton mill of Messrs. Rothwell and Co. called the Mains, to the right; and a little to the left, the newly erected work-house of St. Cuthbert's parish stands on a commanding situation, and has a prominent appearance.

The photograph below shows Harraby Bridge in 1897, looking south, so the the bleaching ground of Messrs. Scarrow, Baker, & Co. would be on the far bank on the right.

Harraby Bridge, Carlisle 1897

It would appear, from the indenture transcribed below, that John's brother, Thomas Junior, sold a half share in the Spirit Merchants to him in 1816. It is not the easiest document to interpret, but it appears that Thomas Scarrow sold a half part of the English Street premises to John Scarrow, for a sum of five shillings. However, this agreement only lasted for one year, after which the premises would presumably revert back to Thomas. During this year, John would receive all the income from the property, and at the end, John would pay one peppercorn (?), but only if Thomas requested it.

We know from other documents that Thomas owned other property in Wetheral and Brompton, so this may have been a way of reducing his tax liability.

This indenture made the 22nd day of January in the year of our Lord 1816 between Thomas Scarrow in the city of Carlisle in the county of Cumberland, spirit merchant, of the one part and John Scarrow of the said city of Carlisle spirit merchant, of the other part. Witnesseth that for, and in consideration of, the sum of 5 shillings of good and lawful money current in Great Britain to the said Thomas Scarrow in hand, well and truly paid by the said John Scarrow at, or upon, the execution aforesaid those present. The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. He, the said Thomas Scarrow, hath granted, bargained and sold and by those present doth grant, bargain and sell unto the said John Scarrow, his executors, administrators and assigns, all that undivided moiety or half part thereof, whole into two equal parts to be divided of and in all that freehold messuage or dwelling house, shops, stables, yard, out offices, buildings and premises there unto adjoining, situate lying and being in a certain street called English Street in the city of Carlisle in the aforesaid county of Cumberland, bounded by the said street on or towards the east the premises late of Alexander Wilson, on or towards the west and north and the dwelling house and premises of Daniel Wilson, on or towards the south and now in the occupation of John Christopherson and Mary Baty as tenants or farmers there aforesaid, together with all and singular ways, paths, passages, lights, basements, rights, members and appurtenances whatsoever to the said premises belonging or in any wise appertaining and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues, and profits thereof and of every part thereof. To have and to hold the said moiety, or half part of, and in the said messuage or dwelling house, shops, stables, yard, out offices, buildings and premises, with the appurtenances hereby granted bargained and sold unto the said John Scarrow, his executors, administrators and assigns from the day next before the day of the date hereof, for and during and unto the full end and term of one whole year from thence next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended yielding and saying therefore the rent of one peppercorn only on the last day of the said term if the same shall be lawfully demanded. To the intent that by virtue of those presents and by force of the statute made for transferring uses into possession. He, the said John Scarrow may be in the actual possession of the said moiety or half part of and in the said messuage or dwellinghouse, shops, stable, yard out offices, buildings and premises with appurtenances. Herein before granted, bargained and sold or intended so to be and enabled to take and accept of a grant and release of the reversion and inheritance thereof to him and his heirs to the only proper use and behoof of him, the said John Scarrow, his heirs and assigns for ever, as in and by a certain indenture intended to bear date the day next after the date hereof and made between the said parties shall be expressed and declared of and concerning the same. In witness thereof the said parties to those presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first within written.
Signed sealed and delivered, the paper having been first duly stamped in the presence of _______.
Signed and Sealed by Thomas Scarrow Junior.

On the 20th Jul 1812, John, now living in Bowness, married Johanna Barwise in Holme Cultram. His brother Thomas, had five years earlier, married Johanna's sister Frances. The following year, on the 27th Jun 1813, their first son, John Barwise, was born in St. Cuthbert's Carlisle. A second son, Thomas Barwise, was born on 7th May 1815 and a daughter, Frances, was born on the 11th May 1817. Both were baptised at St. Cuthbert's, Carlisle.

John Scarrow sells Spirit Merchant business in Carlisle 1833In 1821, T and J Scarrow was declared bankrupt at a hearing held at Staples Inn, High Holborn, London. However, the business continued, but only in John Scarrow's name, so presumably any debts attributed to it were resolved. It wasn't until 12 years later that the business was sold.

Both John (age 25) and Thomas (age 33) were listed as Militia in 1817. Both gave their occupation as spirit merchant.