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Genealogy Research Websites

Below is a list of various websites that I have used as part of my research into the Scarrows. I have divided them into three categories: General sites; Sites specific to Maritime research; and sites specific to Cumbrian research. Clicking on a link will open up the site in a new page or tab.

Major Genealogy Sites

1. Ancestry A paid site, but well worth the subscription in my opinion.

2. Find My Past Often teams up with the National Archives for specific projects.

3. Roots Web Some free to use resources.

4. National Archives An example of a well run, free, Government website.

5. Guide to Genealogy There is a slight bias towards US research, but a good overview.

Sites of interest to Genealogists dealing with specific subjects

1. Workhouses


Maritime Genealogy

1. National Maritime Museum

2. Maritime History Archive

3. Crew List Index Project

4. National Archives


Cumberland History

1. Cumbria Archives

2. Harrington History

3. Cockermouth History

4. Cockermouth Museum Group

5. Workington - Helena Thompson Museum